12 Essentials Of A High Converting Landing Page


Creating a landing page is not a rocket science. The main thing that burdens your head is what a customer wants. With this aim in mind, you have to create a landing page.

No Standard Manual For Creating a Landing Page

There are no standard guidelines for creating an SEO landing page. It all depends on the imagination and creativity. You also need to consider that different factors work for different people. Every landing page has a different call to action, a different reader, a different product or service, and a different niche.

There is a huge variation of the audience in relevance to the landing pages. The want of each user differs from one another and so does each landing page. Moreover, there is also a great variation among purpose, intent, product, angle, focus, industry, niche, perception, buy-in, cost, messaging, value proposition, testimonial approach, shipping method, and much more. One landing page does not fit every user and the factors that we just discussed. Now, we shall see those essential elements that will make a landing page more converting.


Catching Headline

A headline is an essential part of a landing page and it says the interest, attention, and understanding that will bind a user to your landing page. A headline should be such that it grabs a user’s attention and also should inform the user what the product or the service is all about. It should say it all in itself. Moreover, a heading should be accompanied by an image that complements the heading.

Sure-Shot Fitted Sub-Headline

The sub-headline should be something that will convince the user to stay on the website. The role of a headline is to attract a user while the sub-headline will make him stay on the website. It should be placed immediately under the headline and it should reflect some persuasiveness in relevance to the headline. Sub-headline goes into the depth of the concept that is been carried by the headline.


A good quality image is always better than a text paragraph. Images add to the visibility of the landing page and keep the users engaged. So, if you really want to keep your users engaged, use good quality images that the users can enlarge on their screens and clearly visualize them without any resolution problems. Moreover, the images should be revealing the product or the service of your business which will keep the user engaged with your landing page.


You have lost your customer if he doesn’t understand what your product or the service is all about. So, it is important that you should have an explanation to every image of your product or service.  This will help the user to better understand your products and services which will increase their interest in your business.

Value Proposition

The Value proposition is basically a kind of ‘offer’ or an explanation to the user that what is in there for him.  Here, you can make a list of benefits for users. In the case of your landing page, you have to think about the user first and then about your business because, if the user/customer will be happy, then automatically, your business is going to get success. Benefits should be clearly focused on the customer in relevance to what they will get from your products or services.

Logical Flow

The logical flow of a landing page is also very important and the customers are smart enough to understand your thought process by reading the content of your landing page. By reading your content, they will follow your thought process. So, it is important that you start with an explanation, continue with your benefits, include your testimonials, and end with your Call to action which will naturally be a compelling method of structuring a landing page. Moreover, you can use multiple calls to actions on a single landing page placing each one of them at the end of each discrete section of the landing page.

Include Pain

Yes, you read it right. Pain is an interwoven element of human nature and every human being can connect himself with pain in any manner. It is a common human mentality that a human’s pain of losing something will be more intense than gain something of the same value. Here, you have to do the same and use this ‘pain’ in a positive manner. You can implement pain references in your testimonials which should look real and which will attract the user and he will be able to connect with your product or service. Moreover, it is important to mention that what the user will lose if he is not using your product or service and what he will gain if he uses them. This will grab user’s attention and not only that, but he will also not leave your landing page or your site.

Include Pleasure

Just as humans are avoiding pain, they are also pleasure-seeking animals and this will work the best for you in your stride. Here, you have to show what pleasure the customer will get as a by-product of your products and services if he purchases. You have show different pleasure-related benefits resulting from your products or services that will be convincing the customer to buy them. So, don’t forget to show the pleasure element in your products and services when you show them your products and services.

Trustworthy And Reliable Testimonials

Testimonials are an important part of any landing page. It is through testimonials that users build their trust on your website and business. So, your testimonials should be real and you should testimonials from real people. It is through your testimonials that the user will cultivate their trust in your business. So, use real testimonials and don’t forget to use real images in your testimonials. The images used should be real persons.

Methods Of Contact

This is another important aspect of any website or a landing page. There are different methods of contact like a physical address, an email address, and a contact form. In some landing pages, they display a pop-up wherein they will ask your details. So, it is important that you include any of the methods of contact to ask user’s contact details.

Give a Guarantee

Every customer loves this word ‘guarantee’ whether he actually gets it or not but the word surely attracts him towards the products or services that carry ‘guarantee’ with them. So, give a guarantee to your users and for this, you are not needed to go into its legalities, just say it.

Powerful Call To Action

This is the most important and an inevitable part of a landing page. So, it has to be used tactfully so that the users get focused on it. Usually, the users are habituated to any call of action to be a ‘button’ so, try not to use anything in place of a button as a call to action. Moreover, don’t use ‘submit’, instead, use something explosive and exciting that will catch user’s eyes immediately.


Thus, there are several factors that affect a landing page to make it a converting one. The above-discussed points will help you through your landing page creation and get more conversions.