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10 Ways To Make Your Staff Happier At Work

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, whether your company manufacturers goods, or you are based in the retail sector; happier staff are more motivated in the workplace, and that can ultimately be a good thing for your productivity and the reputation of your company.

With this in mind, here is our list of 10 ways to make your staff happier at work:

1.Make Sure Your Employees Feel Valued

As an employee, it’s great to feel appreciated and whilst thanking staff for a job well done is great, why not implement a reward system such as “employee of the month” to acknowledge those employees who go that extra mile. Simple but very effective.

2.Be Social

Organise some social activities for your employees – it’s a great way to help the team bond outside the workplace. Getting to know each other outside the office can help to create positive dynamics within a group, as everyone has very different strengths and this gives you a great opportunity to find out what those might be.

3.Solutions Not Problems

Focusing on problems when they occur can produce a negative atmosphere. It is far better, and more productive, to focus on what solutions might be available to solve the issue. This helps to give your employees confidence to tackle issues with authority.


Keeping hydrated helps people to concentrate. A water cooler is a great start but try to provide access to a kettle and the means to make hot drinks as well, just coffee and tea will do, and arrange to have regular milk deliveries to your office so that there is always a good supply, as there is nothing worse than running out of milk for your tea before the end of the day.

5.Lead By Example

Be present, and be seen. Employees, are more likely to give their all in a job when they can see the boss putting in the hours as well. Whilst working from home can be practical on occasion, it is important for your staff to see a strong example of leadership which will motivate them.

6.Flexible Working

Where possible, and when appropriate, consider flexible working. This could be employees working from home once a week, or even working around school drop offs for working parents. Little changes can make a big difference to employee happiness.

7.Listen To Employees

An effective team is one who feel their ideas are listened to, whether it’s your longest serving employee or your newest one, get everyone involved. Some of the best and most productive suggestions can come from the most unexpected people.

8.Encourage Breaks

Too many employees spend their lunch hour at their desks eating a sandwich and continuing with their work. Encourage them the step away and take the time away from their work. If you have the space create a proper break room where they can go which will help them to take a break. Staff who don’t take breaks risk burnout and losing their passion for their job, which will ultimately lead to being unhappy in the workplace.

9.Open Up The Workspace

Cubicles can be really isolating, and whilst you might think that they encourage employees to do more work because they don’t socialise with each other you would be wrong. An open plan workplace is far more pleasant, making the space lighter and brighter will in fact encourage employee output.

10.Challenge Your Employees

Don’t be afraid to offer new challenges to your employees, expand their knowledge of the industry and your business and help them grow in their jobs. Doing the same thing day after day can soon lose its appeal, leading employees to seek new challenges in the form of a change of employment.

Happy employees are productive employees, and people who will be more likely to stay, allowing you to reduce staff turnover and benefit from better productivity within the workplace – what’s not to love?

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