Quick Housecleaning Tips for Part Time Housemaids


If you have been hired somewhere as the Part time maids in Dubai, the tasks wouldn’t be as much as of the full time maid. But still there is reasonable amount of work that the part time maids happen to deal with on the daily basis. Though Full time maids usually has full day to deal with their tasks one by one but it’s quite challenging for the part time maids to deal with specific amount of work within few innocent hours.

In that case, here are few quick tips and tricks that will be of great help for Part time maids in Dubai in fastest cleaning. Read on to discover more;

Gather Your Tools

In order to keep up with the good and fastest cleaning, it’s essential to have all the necessary tools with you in the cleaning caddy as it will save a lot time. For sure, it’s better than roaming around for every tool one by one that’s a pure wastage of time. Those necessary tools are; lint roller, microfiber cloth, duster, dish cloth, toilet scrubber, scrubbing sponge, all-purpose spray cleaner and obviously the vacuum cleaner that can’t be fitted in the caddy so just set a place for this.

Set a Timer

Believe it or not, but the numbers have magic either they are of your bank account or the stop watch. Make sure to set the time as the every passing minute will keep on pushing you to be proactive, accurate and fast with your cleaning. This actually helps you stay on task. For instance; you can fix couple of minutes for specific task as it ensures you getting done with them all one by one quickly.  Besides, it will also put away the distraction and your entire focus would be towards cleaning.

Get Rid of Clutter First

Before staring out with your cleaning, it’s highly essential to pick up the entire cutter as it can be quite disturbing in a smooth cleaning process. The best ways to get rid of all the mess is that just grab a laundry basket, brisk around the entire space and pick almost every item that seems to be either unnecessarily placed or scattered by kids. Set it all aside and you can deal with it after you are done with cleaning.

Wipe Kitchen Surfaces

As per the best practices of Part time maids in Dubai, it’s essential to start with wiping down counter then just move toward appliances. Ensure to use the scrub appropriately like the scrubbing side would be suitable for anything that feels stuck on the surface and soft side would simply wipe surfaces with ease. Load the dishwasher and keep it busy with its hobby and you are almost done with kitchen.

Clean the Bathrooms

Remember that All-Purpose cleaner that you have been carrying from the beginning? Just use it to spray and wipe the mirrors. Spray the counters and wipe them all down. Grab the toilet scrubber and quickly scrub the toilet and before you say ‘I’m done’, just ensure that toilet paper is stocked.


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